Can parrots find their way home

Can Parrots Find Their Way Home?

Recently, lost birds have been making the headlines.

I’ve heard a lot of people who have experienced this, but the good thing is that some very predictable things happen when a parrot flies away.

This incident can be due to the reckless behavior of caregivers, sometimes it could be an accidental issue probably in an attempt to call someone through the window or your feathered friend has grown its flight feathers back unnoticed. Sometimes, things beyond our control just happen.

In all my studies and experience, I’ve realized that of all pet birds, parrots were the easiest ones to get back home. This is simply because most pet parrots tend to seek human companionship.

Parrot trying to find its way home

Take Some Precautions First To Prevent Your Parrot From Flying Away

Get its flight wing trimmed

It is best to prevent your bird from flying away by getting its wing trimmed early. The moment you notice a new flight starts thinking of a new trim.

Get its feathers clipped

Get your bird’s feathers clipped each time you go out with your bird, this way you are sure your bird won’t go up too far from you.

Get your companion caged

Get a mobile cage, carrier or harness to convey your pet bird. Always have them contained each time you go outside to get fresh air or while going visiting a friend or vet.

Always ensure you attach the leash on the harness to your wrist or belt.

What To Do If Your Parrot Escapes

Go after it

Immediately after your bird flies up into the sky, get out there. No time to waste. Monitor where the bird flies to, and go after it. You may be able to retrieve your bird if he is still within your radius. However, most parrots that have got their wings clipped for many years may not be confident flying. In that case, you might be sure your bird will not be too far, or could even be sitting right above you in a big tree, wishing you would come to get them, but too dreadful to fly down to you.

Expand your search

Birds are not like dogs that can easily locate their home. In fact, birds are very light in weight and can be easily blown far away by a little whiff of wind. There has been a series of reports about birds that were later found in a different city even after several months.

So, don’t just look for him in the neighborhood, you can expand your search to at least a 50 mile-radius.

Parrots finding their way home

Use your other birds as a flock he might want to meet

Do you have other birds? If yes, try setting them outside in a secure cage with a bowl containing its favorite food nearby. Sometimes this familiar sight does attract your bird and give him the courage to come out the tree.

Make that usual call contact your bird is familiar with to get back to you

When you have a good bond with your pet bird, they will always come back looking for you, check your environment that your parrot is familiar with. A trained parrot is easier to find than the less tamed ones because they will often go to a human (most likely within your radius), when it gets hungry enough. In that case, it is necessary you make your neighbors aware you are searching for a bird.

Attract your feathered friend with its favorite food

If your bird is around your search, place its food on the roof tops, make the sound he loves to hear, call your parrot’s name. The food will serve as bait, and your bird will always come to that place to have a bite if regularly placed.

When you spot your bird, go along with a high-powered flashlight if possible, so that you can momentarily blind.

Contact organizations as far as 50 miles away

Contact all vet organizations, vet hospitals, bird stores, police stations, newspapers, and any other groups that you can think of. Also, contact all organizations that specialize in the search of lost animals.

Can parrots find their way home

Tips That Can Keep Your Parrot Coming Back For You

Friendly attitude

Often it is advised that caregivers are gentle and calm with their feathered friend. A bird that has been bonded with its family flock will always look for a way to get bonded again with its friends.

There’s no place like home, remember?

Flight Training

Go on a flight training with your parrot. This way your bird won’t be afraid of flying down from anywhere. They learn faster, and will easily pinpoint where to land.

Get your bird familiarized with the environment

When your bird come looking for you, they tend to be around the vicinity of your house. This is the main reason it is needful to get your pet familiarized with the environment so that when missing he can find its way home easily.

Get your bird used to his name and communicate with it in a special whistle sound

Contact call with your bird is so necessary. Most birds do a lot of contact calls which are one of the most common forms of vocalization. When birds get separated in the wild, they will usually call out in an attempt to locate their flock. You have to make one with your feathered friend. Recall training – It’s very helpful to teach your parrot to come to you on command by calling its name.

Parakeet flew away


Yes, parrots can find their way home!

Finding lost birds is often the hardest part. But if you stay calm, confident and positive and things will work out just fine. When the proper procedures are followed, you have 80% assurance of finding your lost parrot and get it home!

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