Green Parrots

Birds have associated with man from early ages and as a result have become one of man’s most favored pets of all time. Out of birds too, there are a select few who make good pets. Parrots come at the top of the list when it comes to domestic pet birds. Many Americans as well as people all over the world show a particular liking towards parrots and keep them as pets. There are many varieties or species when it comes to parrots. While some of these species are quite rare, there are some, such as green parrots, which are quite abundant in nature. Because of this reason, green parrots are the ones which are mostly used as pets. Green parrots are one of the few species of parrots which can mimic sounds when they are trained.

As mentioned above, green parrots make good pets. If you decide to have a green parrot as a pet, there are many things that you have to consider and be knowledgeable about. The first task that you have to face once you have decided to have a pet green parrot will be to choose one properly. When choosing green parrots one should be careful because all parrots look green during younger years. Therefore make sure that you buy your green parrots from a trusted source.

One of the main reasons why people like to have green parrots as pets is because of their ability to mimic sounds. They can not only mimic humans but also other noises such as your doorbell ringing, a cat mewing and the noise made by your lawn mower. This same trait of green parrots which makes them good pets can sometimes turn out to be a nuisance if your parrot is not trained properly. If a green parrot is not trained properly, it can be your worst nightmare ever. Your pet can turn out to be a biting, screaming irritant rather than the intelligent pet you thought it to be.

Green parrots are said to be quite moody and temperamental at times. If you already have a new green parrot, you would have noticed that it takes a particular liking towards biting you and screaming out loud. There can be many reasons for this kind of behavior. It might be because the parrot is bored or it is scared. As the owner of a pet such as a green parrot, you should be able to overcome such problems by simply being attentive to your pet’s body language.

The command that is easiest to teach a green parrot is to perch on your finger when the finger is extended. This should be done after the parrot is comfortable with you. The parrot can be trained to do this by gently pressing your finger onto its chest. This will automatically cause the bird to step onto your finger.

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