How Do I Know If My Conure Is Happy?

How Do I Know If My Conure Is Happy?

Birds make truly wonderful pets. Sure, they are very different from some other common household pets. They aren’t as fluffy as dogs, and they aren’t as independent as cats, but they really do make great pets.

You will never find an animal with a personality quite like a bird. And in particular, conures are wonderful birds to have as pets. But, how can you tell if your conure is happy?

You might expect this to be fairly difficult, because Conures don’t lick you like dogs, or headbutt you like cats. But, there are actually lots of different ways that you can tell if your Conure is happy. 

How Do I Know If My Conure Is Happy?

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at all the different signs you should watch out for to see if your Conure is happy. Additionally, we’ll be giving you lots of other helpful information about this type of bird.

So, if you want to find out more, then keep on reading.

What is a Conure?

But first, let’s take a look at what a Conure is. It is, of course, a type of bird. But they aren’t just any bird. In fact, Conures are actually a type of parrot.

When people think of parrots, they have a very fixed picture of a bright red parrot, but this species of bird is actually made up of lots of different varieties. 

All of these different varieties are extremely different from one another in terms of size, color, and appearance. Conures are one of the smaller types of parrots that exist, and they come in lots of different colors, with green or yellow being one of the most common color patterns.   

Conures are a common bird for people to keep as pets because they are incredibly friendly, as long as they are well socialized during their early lives.

Some birds struggle with how busy life can be in a household, but Conures actually love this. They thrive when busy activities are going on within their home, finding the business fun and exciting. 

Due to this, Conures make wonderful pets for children. Some birds struggle with children because they are a lot, but as we have said, Conures thrive when faced with this.

Additionally, they love being handled, and having a fuss made, which is why they make such wonderful pets. But, how do you know if your pet Conure is happy? Let’s take a look. 

How do I know if my Conure is Happy?

While birds cannot literally tell their owners “I’m happy”, they can show this to their owners. Body language is just as important in birds as it is in human beings, so you can tell if your Conure is happy by simply watching them. 

Birds are also very vocal animals, so while they cannot literally say the words, they can make noises that suggest happiness. By observing your Conure, you will also be able to see if your bird is excited, unhappy, or angry. So, watching them is incredibly important. 

The signs of happiness in Conures are true of most birds, but there are some special signs that you can watch out for. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key signs that you should look out for to identify if your pet Conure is happy. 

Signs your Conure is Happy

As we have mentioned, a lot of signs that your Conure is happy are true across most species of bird. Birds cannot speak in the way that humans do, but they can show their feelings through noises and their body language. 

One way that your Conure will tell you that they are happy is through making noises that suggest happiness. Yes, this does sound very vague, but Conures can make all sorts of noises, including singing, whistling, and even talking, to show happiness when with their owners.

They cannot comprehend language in the ways that humans do, but you might find that your Conure can repeat words that you have said back to you. All of these noises suggest contentment, happiness, and good health, so if your Conure makes any of these noises it is a good sign. 

Additionally, they may chatter to show that they are happy. This chattering noise is only comparable to the chattering that cats make when they see a bird out of the window, and it is incredibly cute.

This soft chatter is a sign that your Conure is content in your presence, and happy in your home. So, this along with tongue clicking is a good sign. 

As we said, you can also tell if your Conure is happy by looking at their body language. This is the easiest way to tell if your bird is content, as they will stand differently if they are uncomfortable, or feel unsafe in your presence.

A bird that is happy will look relaxed. They will hold themselves with their crests held back, and the tip tilted upward. Now that we have mentioned your Conure’s crest, let’s take a deeper look at this, as it plays a very important part in identifying if they are happy. 

Your Conure will use their crest as a key part of their body for exhibiting their feelings. If your bird is happy, then her crest will be held back.

If your bird is excited – whether that is because it’s food time, because you are giving them a new toy, or simply because your Conure is happy to see you -, then she may lift her crest up to demonstrate this.

Likewise, an incredibly high crest could suggest that your Conure is fearful or nervous about something. So, when trying to figure out what they are feeling, the crest is a key part of the body to watch out for. 

All of these types of noises and body language are very good signs that your Conure is happy with the situation, and pleased to be part of your family. 

How do you tell if your Conure likes you?

At some point in their lifetime, every single pet owner has had the internal debate surrounding whether their pet likes them, or not. With some animals, it is very easy to tell if your pet likes you, but with others this is a little more tricky.

As we have mentioned, Conures are birds that show a lot of their emotions through their body language. So, in most cases, you will be able to tell if your Conure likes you by looking at the way that they interact with you.

If your Conure likes you, then they may preen themselves in front of you, to ensure that they look their best. They may also flap their wings or their tail in your presence. Additionally, you might find that your Conure bows their head towards you. 

But, these aren’t the only signs that your Conure likes you. In fact, your Conure might be a lot more physical in the ways that they show their affection for you.

As well as having relaxed body posture, you might find that your Conure will begin grooming you if they like you. On top of this, they might even cuddle you if they feel they have a bond with you, and are very comfortable in your presence. 

In a lot of parrots, they are one-person birds. This means that the bird bonds with one person, and shows this individual all of their attention.

While this is also true of Conures, these birds are still great family pets. While they will bond primarily with one person, they will bother with everyone in your family. This is why they make such great pets. 


In short, this has been a complete guide to how to tell if your Conure is happy. These birds show their happiness through their body language, and the noises they make, so keep an eye on this to find out if your Conure is happy. 

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