Happy parrot

5 Essentials For Keeping Your Parrot Happy

The happiness of your parrot is very important.

If you have a happy parrot, then it will bring a positive and joyful feeling to your home. Otherwise, if your parrot is angry and miserable, then your home will have a miserable vibe to it. You don’t want to let this happen for everyone’s sake.

Happy parrot

Below are 5 ways that you can be successful at making your parrot happy.

1) Space to Fly

Don’t keep your parrot in the cage all the time. Parrots are exotic birds which need lots of space to fly around in. Just because you domesticate a parrot, doesn’t mean this desire changes.

You can purchase a large cage for them to live, but if you can let them roam around a big room then it is even better. The freer your parrot feels, the happier he will be. If you do set up a big room for him, put a couple of fake trees or a perch in there for him to stand on. A parrot only needs about 4 hours of flying time each day to feel happier.

2) Good Diet

Parrots need to have a proper diet which consists of pellets, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. This will sustain their good health and make them happier at the same time. It is the same reason that people feel better when they eat fruits and vegetables versus eating junk food.

In addition, keep a large bowl of water in their environment for them to drink from. Ensure the bowl and water are kept clean each day.

3) Cage Location

If you do decide to put your parrot in a cage, then at least put the cage in a place where there is a lot of natural sunlight. Avoid areas where wind or cold temperatures might come through. You need to remember that parrots like warmth because they come from tropical environments. If you can keep them in a room with constant activity, that would be even better.

A few good room choices would be your kitchen or living room. These are areas where the whole family gets together, so it makes the parrot feel more social. The parrot should also be able to get a good night’s sleep there too.

4) Lots of Toys

Like any pet, parrots love toys because they stimulate them. Keep lots of toys around and let him play with a few at a time. This will ensure that the parrot doesn’t ever get bored with the toys.

Just remember to purchase safe toys for your parrot. If any of the toys look broken or have sharp pieces sticking out, then avoid them.

5) Social Interaction

You need to spend quality time with your bird by talking to him. Parrots love to socialize and talk with people, especially their master. If you are looking for an extra companion to talk to, then talking to your parrot will make both of you happy.

Parrots are happy when they have a flock leader. You can become their flock leader by interacting with the parrot and teaching him things. The parrot will learn to respect you after a while, and then they will talk to you.

The screams that a parrot make could be screams of happiness or unhappiness. After you spend enough time with your parrot, you will be able to differentiate their screams and tell which one is which.

Keeping your parrot happy

An unhappy parrot is a terrible thing because they will become angry and injure themselves, aside from all the screeching they will do. If they continue to remain unhappy, then it could lead to death.

Therefore, if you care about the well-being and happiness of your parrot, then you will follow the suggestions above and try keeping your parrot as happy as possible. If you do this, your own happiness will increase as well.

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