Parrot Toys

Parrot toys are exactly what the name suggests. Toys for parrots! Apparently, our feathery friends also need something to pass the time. Which is why parrot toys were created in the first place; little contraptions that are actually shaped like a perch with mechanical cogs, shredders, plastic foot toys, etc. The website that sells these parrot toys promises to give parrots something to do in order to improve their intelligence and prevent boredom.

Parrot toys can be divided into categories. Parrot foot toys, parrot foraging toys, large parrot and small parrot toys and shredders.

There are many types of parrot toys. Some of these parrot toys are known as shredding toys. Toys for shredding are a must for most every species of parrot. Parrots have always had a desire to chew, rip and tear. Buying them a shredding toy would keep them occupied. A type of shredder you available in local grocery stores are made of dried corn husk. There are also products on the internet called shredders that are created out of a natural woven palm lead and would do nicely for the feathery pets.

All you have to do is tie it inside the parrot’s cage. Not all parrots like shredders but they will show some interest at anytime, leaving you to find pieces of the shredder strewn all over the bottom of the cage. There is another type of parrot toys that are great for birds living inside in cages or outside on a perch, are foot parrot toys. They can be kept at the bottom of the cage, attached to the perch or on the floor. They can be quite entertaining and the parrots could pick them up, chew on them, or toss around. However, since these parrot toys are more often than not, made of plastic it is better to read the catalogs and make sure you are not unknowingly poisoning your bird.

Parrots are great puzzle solvers so parrot toys usually have these puzzle systems that can keep your bird occupied. Certain kinds of parrot are shown to be very intelligent, picking out meanings in certain words and piecing them into simple sentences, not just repeating phrases that are taught to them. Since parrots have such a high intelligence level sometimes compared to that of a five year old child. Parrots are said to be able to comprehend language and use it to form an understanding.

According to a study at the Brandeis University, parrots can identify certain objects and words and don’t just stupidly repeat what they are told. Apparently, the test subject, an African gray named Alex would actually refuse to do some of the exercises if he doesn’t feel like it. Parrot toys are great if you just want your pet to have a good time, but using these toys researchers are learning a whole new side to the parrots’ intelligence which in the long term could actually help autistic children.

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