Parrots for Pets

It is no secret that birds make good pets. They are entertaining and a pleasure watch, regardless of the kind of the bird. People favor birds more if they can talk and mimic. For this reason parrots make very favorable domestic pets. There are many people who enjoy having parrots for pets. But before taking parrots for pets, there are many things that a person should consider.

The first thing to consider when taking parrots for pets is the issue of space. Many people are under the misconception that parrots can live in any cramped up space. In contrast parrots need a considerable amount of space to walk about and even fly. When adequate space is not available, it leads to many illnesses and complications. Therefore think twice about the space that you can afford to give a parrot before you buy one as a pet.

Another important issue that one should consider when taking parrots for pets is the cost of maintenance. When you have parrots for pets, you should be able to provide food and medicine to your parrots. Many believe that parrots will eat anything and everything. Once you have parrots on your own you will realize the error of this concept. When you have parrots for pets you are responsible for the well being of your parrot. Feeding the parrots with whatever that comes in handy is not an option. Parrots should be given a well balanced diet consisting of millets, maize, fruits, vegetables and meat. Feeding parrots with oily foods, alcohol, chocolates and salty foods will result in ailments such as obesity.

The life span of a parrot depends on the breed and is in the range of ten to fifty years. But if proper care is not given when keeping parrots for pets, a parrot’s life span can be cut short dramatically. When taking on parrots for pets one should have a good knowledge of the common parrot diseases. One should also train himself to watch out for signs of illness and infections. Change in the attitude, lethargy, loss of appetite, fluffiness and loss of feathers are some common disease symptoms when it comes to parrots. Registering your parrots with an avian vet and taking them for regular check ups will contribute a lot towards the well being of your parrots.

One common reason as to why people take parrots for pets is because they can talk and mimic sounds. This feature of parrots can sometimes be to your advantage as well as disadvantage. If you have neighbors or if you are sharing an apartment, you should consider the impact of you parrot’s talking on your neighbors and housemates. If they are not trained properly, parrots can be a nuisance to you as well as your neighbors. Therefore consider whether you can train your parrots properly before taking on parrots for pets.

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