Perches for Parrots

Parrots come almost at first place when it comes to pet birds. When given a choice of pet birds to have, many people prefer t have a parrot. Parrots are a favorite because of many reasons. They are intelligent and are easy to train. Another reason as to why people prefer to have parrots is because they have a high life span, sometimes as much as fifty years. Because of this reason, parrots can be lifelong companions.

When having a parrot for a pet, there are many aspects that one has to look into. An adequate living space, a suitable, well balanced diet are some of the important things that should be very much looked into when having a parrot for a pet. When talking about living space, not only does it have to be spacious, but it also should have a number of perches for parrots. Upon reading this, one might question the need of perches for parrots.

It should be clearly stated here and now that perches are an essential part of the living space of your parrot. Consider a house as an example. It is impossible to live in a house without any chairs for a long period of time. In the same way, having perches for parrots is similar to having chairs in a house. Just like we cannot live comfortably without chairs, parrots too cannot live comfortably without perches.

Unlike humans not having chairs, not having perches for parrots affect their health as well as their well being. When in their natural habitat, parrots are used to sitting on branches of trees in addition to flying. This helps the parrot to rest as well as strengthen its leg muscles. Perches for parrots serve he same purpose as tree branches, helping them to sleep, clean their beaks and nails and strengthen their leg muscles. Depriving your parrot of a proper perch will result in health issues such as arthritis and muscle cramps.

A large portion of the well being of parrots lies in finding the proper perches for parrots. One of the key factors when looking for perches for parrots is the size of the parrot. If you have a number of parrots of different sizes, it will not do to buy a perch which is only suitable for the smallest parrot. In a situation such as this, keep your largest parrot in mind when buying perches for parrots.

The material of the perch is the next thing to look out for when buying perches for parrots. Usually the perches are made out of wood such as Manzanita and Citrus. Plastic perches are not an appropriate choice as they are slippery and cannot be used to clean the beak or nails. Cement perches are a good choice when it comes to the grooming habits of parrots as they are coarse and don’t wear out easily.

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