What are the best parrots for first-time owners?

Parrots are wonderful and beautiful creatures that deserve to be in every home.

They are actually nice but they require some management practices. If you are experienced in taking care of your parrots, there are a wide range of parrots which are available to you. First timers actually see the care of a parrot as an uncharted territory. Not all parrots are compatible with first timers, but this article will help first timers educate themselves on the best parrots for them.

Parrots are pets which are sometimes compared to children or babies that never grow up, which would be introduced into your life. Each parrot is different and they should not be compared to one another.

To decide what parrot is great for you, it is highly dependent on you and what you need from a companion animal. To enhance your decision, consider the following questions:

Do you love a pet that cuddles?

Parrots are not entirely suitable for cuddling. Cuddling may trigger the hormones of your parrot and may lead to negative behavior. A lot of parrots are not known for their cuddling and you should consider this.

Do you like talkative birds?

Parrots are known for their ability to master vocabulary and talk at different frequencies. Certain parrots such as African Greys are known for their ability to speak. A lot of other parrots such as Amazon Parrots are renowned for their talkativeness.

How much can you spend with it daily?

Parrots demand different durations for their owner to spend with them. Whether a large or small-sized parrot, it will always demand that you spend time with it. The different between parrots is just that certain parrots such as the macaw will express itself when unhappy. So consider the time you can dedicate to your parrot when choosing a parrot.

How long can the parrot live for?

The lifespan of the parrot is important in choosing a parrot for first-timers. First-timers would love parrots that they can keep for a long time. Parrots have different lifespans depending on the species. Cockatoos and macaws are known to live for about 60 years.

Do you want a quiet parrot?

If you are the type of person who isn’t a fan of noise, then there are different parrots for you to consider. You will have to consider the noise that your parrot will cause, always keep in mind that too much noise may become a nuisance to you and other people around you. Parrots are always known to have the potential to produce some very loud noises.
Keep in mind that parrots are commonly regarded as birds of instinct and this can sometimes make them difficult to handle. For a first timer, getting a parrot is a decision that requires a lot of dedication and commitment. There are a lot of preparations to be carried out when bringing home any parrot. The question most first timers ask is, “How do I know what to do when I have never met a parrot”?

Experience on parrots can be gained through avian rescue volunteering or even by simply talking with owners of parrots or educate yourself on parrots. The internet can also be a great place to educate yourself on that particular specie of parrot you would love to have. All the information you need is available on the internet.

To make your final decision on parrots, I would be providing some help by giving my recommendations on the best parrots for first timers. The parrots listed (in no particular order) below are gotten from research and experience gained from other first-time parrot owners.

The list of suitable parrots for first time owners consists of the following:


The awesome birds are colourful, small, affectionate and not expensive. These qualities make it a perfect starting option for beginners. Just like most parrot subspecies you would find, there are a variety of parakeets, and they are all quite intelligent birds. The most popular parakeet is known as the budgerigar or budgie. These birds may be shy at first, but they come as birds which are easy to tame and are renowned for their adorable personalities and ability to get attached to a human family. A lot of parakeets can learn to talk in their tiny voices making them quite entertaining to spend time with.


The cockatiels are small – medium sized parrots which are almost as popular as the parakeets. Despite their ability to mimic sounds and words, cockatiels are known to prefer to whistle. They are quite similar in appearance to the cokactoo and are attractive, intelligent and fantastic creature capable of enriching the life of human families for a lot of years. Cockatiels are birds which are known to easily become attached to their owners and even allowing cuddles.


Do not be deceived by the small frame of the parrotlets, they are active and curious small parrots with fantastic personalities. These birds do no talk much, but they compensate for their lesser voacal abilitiy with affection. A lot of parrotlets are known to enjoy the human touch and will get close enough to expose their neck to entice their human owners to give them a little scratch.


These birds are also referred to as “pocket parrots”. The lovebirds are full of all the intelligence and personalities all the bigger parrots have. Lovebirds get their names from their renowned personality to form strong bonds with their human companions. They have an affectionate and loving nature which makes them to bond easily with their human companions. This feature also makes them popular pets.

Green-Cheeked Conures

They may not be as vividly coloured or even as popular as the sun conures, but green-cheeked conures are known to be a far better choice for first timers simply because they cause less trouble. Every member of the conure family is known to be comical, playful and affectionate bird that are able to learn to talk but are renowned for their mimicked sound and loud screams. The noise level of conures is higher than that of a lot of other parrots, but green-cheeked conures are the least noisiest.

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