which parrot has the worst bite

Which Parrot Has The Worst Bite?

Parrots are beautiful creatures which are fantastic in almost every aspect of them. They are lovely animals, blessed with an uncommon gift among birds and that is the ability to mimic human speech. Fascinating, isn’t it?

We have different species of parrots all over the world and they come in different shapes and sizes, further establishing their beauty and uniqueness. They are magnificent animals for anyone to have as pets. Some even compare the loyalty of parrots and the bond they form with their human owners to that of dogs and humans.

which parrot has the worst bite

Do Parrots Bite?

One thing that cannot be ignored is the fact that no matter how domesticated an animal is, there is still a wild side to it. This doesn’t change for parrots. Every parrot, no matter how well domesticated, is still armed with its natural instincts. These instincts are based on different temperaments of the bird at a different situation. Always keep in mind when handling a parrot that it could still bite you or hurt you with its beak.

The bites of different parrots vary from one parrot to another, some may seem almost painless, but other parrots are capable of using their beaks to deal devastating bites to the human skin. Based on research, we will be taking a look at some of the parrots which have been known to give the worst bites amongst the parrots.

Which Parrot Has The Worst Bite?


Macaws are fascinating just like any other parrot. They have attractive long tails designed with a unique feather placement and combination. Despite all its beauty, the macaw is renowned for having one of the most powerful parrot beaks. You can be sure that a bite will hurt. Certain macaws species such as the Green wing macaw are said to inflict even more damage.

Macaws give devastating bites which are going to hurt and will leave the affected area tender for some time before it starts to heal. A macaw bite to the finger can damage the skin and cause bleeding but isn’t strong enough to snap the finger. The bite would be very painful and a few stitches would be needed. The stitching would, however, be without any need for a cast. Macaws are known to be a fantastic bird, but with a known hatred for disturbance, unless you want to get bitten.

Please take note that to avoid getting bitten by a macaw, the parrot needs a lot of attention as it is quite prone to stress. Do not continually move your macaw from one place to another. You will need to take special care into training your macaw. If you are the owner of a macaw which constantly bites or has even bitten you in the face, then preventive attention is needed. If the bird goes on to start biting itself, never ignore this and get the assistance of an ornithologist as soon as possible.

The macaw has very large beaks that won’t do as much damage as you would expect when compared to other birds. A chew toy would be fantastic to take care of your parrot and constantly keep it in good behavior. The chew toy will constantly help distract the macaw from biting any human owners or guest. You really don’t want your bird attacking your guests.

Cockatoos bite


Cockatoos are fantastic parrots to have as companions for a lot of bird lovers. Asides their attractive appearance, they are good in maintaining emotional and physical relationships.
Despite all the fantastic qualities of a cockatoo, it still remains one of the most complicated and challenging parrot species. Due to this, most people find themselves abandoning the bird when things go wrong. When a cockatoo expresses its displeasure, it does it elaborately.

The cockatoo is a parrot which exhibits traits which are sometimes difficult for parrot owners to deal with. If care is not taken after it exhibits all these traits, it may begin to give an occasional bite here and there as a defense mechanism.

The cockatoo is equipped with a large beak capable of decimating a lot of materials. Its bite always has a terrible effect on whatever is bitten, whether flesh, wood or other materials. You would never want to experience an unexpected cockatoo bite. The bite can be quite hurtful or even draw blood from the skin. There is a need to continually supply your cockatoo with toys to ensure that it keeps its large beak busy and away from you or your materials. It needs toys made of wood and other shreddable materials to ensure its beak is kept busy.

Do you best to keep your cockatoo happy, to always avoid the bite from its large destructive beak.


Moluccan parrots are almost like a perfect gift from mother nature. It is the bird capable of forming the strongest bonds with their owners. The bond is unrivaled. An encounter with a Moluccan will leave you entranced and wanting more. The bird is known to have a limited ability to speak but the bird’s beauty and its ability to appropriately interact with its owners and this makes them popular.

The Moluccan is an affectionate parrot which can be properly trained to meet all the demands of the owner of the bird.
However, the Moluccan requires attention on a constant basis. It may become quite demanding with its requests for attention. Ignoring this bird will lead to it screaming and then these screams will lead to tantrums ( including biting ) and may also be involved in injuring different parts of its body.

The ignored and neglected Moluccan is sometimes known to attack the owner with reoccurring cases of biting. The bite of the Moluccan is as painful of as that of the other parrots listed here. It is powerful enough to lead to bleeding but will never cause a loss of body parts. Constant attention will keep your Moluccan from attacking you.


Every parrot is capable of hurting its owner, and no one should underestimate the bite of any parrot, even if its type is not listed above.

Moluccans bite

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