Which parrot is the quietest?

Parrots are pretty amazing animals.

They are seen by many people as one of the most intelligent animals based on their abilities to imitate human speech. Some parrots even have the ability to learn and imitate a wide range of human vocabulary. Everything about a parrot makes it a very fascinating animal.

The only common issue which can be associated with the parrot is the noise associated with keeping one. It is quite certain that at one point or the other the talkative nature of the parrot has been brought to our notice. They are animals that love to express themselves and they can do this in some of the noisiest ways.

If you are looking to get a parrot for your home, you may decide against having noisy parrot, in order to maintain the serenity of your home. Something worth noting is that certain parrots are relatively quiet. We will be looking at the quietest parrots in this article. You should take note that the parrots listed were gotten from research and parrot owners reviews.

The list of quietest parrots includes:

1. Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrot

Of all Poicephalus species, the Senegal parrot is the most renowned and this is due to a lot of reasons, with its quietness at the top of the list. The Senegal parrot comes from a family of birds renowned for their outstanding pet quality, quietness and calm temperament. It is named the “Senegal” parrot based on its African origin. This parrot is 9 inches long and isn’t flashy in any way. Their most common colours are brown, green, orange, yellow. They can live for as long as 30 years. They are also relatively easy to take care of due to their diet which is based on parrot food.

The Senegal parrots are known to be silent due to the fact that they prefer to whistle or cluck rather than make loud noises. These parrots can be very sweet, doing nothing more than sitting on your shoulder all day. They demand attention just like most parrots but are excellent to keep as they will not be a disturbance to you or your family.
They are not the chattiest of parrot species; meanwhile some adult parrots learn how to speak quite well. You would never find a Senegal parrot screaming as they prefer to whistle or cluck. Keeping a Senegal parrot will save you from getting into trouble with your neigbours.

2. Red Bellied Parrot

Another fantastic bird on the list is the Red Bellied Parrot. Not much can go wrong with this parrot. A lot of parrot owners have described the Red Bellied Parrot as a silly cuddly bird. The Red bellied parrot bears a lot of personality similarities to the Senegal parrots. They are also quiet, affectionate but quite funny birds, which may be easily frightened.
The Red Bellied parrot can be differentiated using their colours due to the obvious colour difference between the male and female parrot.

Despite the quiet nature of the Red Bellied parrot, it can still learn how to talk quite well. It is however noted for not using much of its vocabulary to disturb. It is a bird which is mostly shy but when confronted with new people may decide to talk or act crazy to gain attention. Asides their occasional talking, they are known to be quiet. Getting the best behavior of them requires some simple management practices.

3. Green-cheeked Conure

The green-cheeked conure is a quite wonderful bird which comes in a variety of colours. They are birds of a small size, only about 10 inches long. It is one of the smallest conures available anywhere. It can live for as long as 20 years.The green-cheeked conure is not just noted for its size and beauty but also its temperament and quietness. It is a bird which is loved by all parrot lovers due to its low price, small stature, good temperament and relatively low noise level when compared to a lot of other birds.
Rather than spend the whole date making noise, the green-cheeked conure is known to be a bird full of antics. They love to hand upside-won and attract their owners to play with them.

Any parrot lover or owner can attest to the relative quietness of the green-cheeked conure. It is known to not be loud when speaking or to even speak less frequently. It will make a relatively negligible amoun of noise. They are known to be able to talk or learn some words but their noise has not proved to be a problem.

4. Eclectus Parrots

Another wonderful parrot which is suitable for environments which frown at noise is the Eclectus Parrot. It has a different sub-species namely the Grand Eclectus, the Vosmaeri, and the Solomon Island Eclectus. They are quite interesting birds to keep due to their great pet quality. They come majorly in red (female) and green (male) colours. They are known to be of a medium size and can live for as long as 30 years.

It is renowned for its appearance, great pet quality and relatively low noise level. Asides the beautiful colour which adorn the feathers of an Eclectus, it is known to have a tranquil nature and intelligent nature. You can’t find an Ecletus parrot squabbling all around the apartment. They are even known to dislike constant disturbing noises. They are known to keep their peace more often than make noise. This means they are not found making excessive noise. They can be quite vocal while capable of learning a wide great range of vocabulary but their noise is never an issue.

5. Kakariki

This is a relatively rare bird in the US, which is known to mind their business all around the house. They are known to just look for more exciting things to do while keeping the noise down to the barest minimum. You may constantly get a cackle from them rather than a scream. They are active and their sounds are not going to drive you crazy. They are able to talk, while learning some words but are known to use just a few words quite often.

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